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At Leonna’s Inc We take pride in building opportunities from the ground up.

Attitude – Innovation – Fortitude

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Leonna’s Inc is a boutique community development company with a focus on creating strength throughout the city and nationwide through business education, finance, top level marketing and overall stress management. Our daily mission is to alleviate neighborhood traumatic events by creating alternative opportunities to elevate beyond circumstance. With that in mind, we created funding and finance options for growing companies in Urban ares. In our research, we found that many inner-city visionaries had big dreams, but the disconnect came from the ability to acquire the equipment or funding they needed for success.

Our goal is to strategically place brick and mortar safety points throughout the community that invigorates thinking and innovation. Our ability to make above board success the norm in the inner city stands out amongst one of our biggest goals. We understand the pressures of inner-city families, groups, events, so we focus on pitfall prevention and hand up/life line intervention in the form of innovative opportunity.

We believe through education, technology and finance that all things are possible, no matter your circumstances. We take pride in doing our part and are continuously working to get more access points throughout the country. Our team of motivated and vigorous community conservation representatives stay in tune with today’s mode of operation and thought processes of the urban community. This allows us to offer programs that will resonate with our target demo.

Leonna’s Inc CEO Cheryl Lacey is a pillar in the Los Angeles community and plans to continuously impact individuals, families and companies by providing plan A’s-Zs to all that seek the services of her mini conglomerate.

Vision Fruition Is Our Specialty

Leonna’s Inc offers a myriad of products as a vendor/supplier and multiple services. We are designed to help you reach your goals.