Scaling Communities Through Planning, Teamwork & Funding


At Leonnas Inc. We provide business training, grant writing, local and national job placement, transportation, housing, relocation programs, individual and group consulting, home displacement, home improvement, creative financing, attitude intervention, innovative marketing and every tool for success we can sharpen to create an overall positive outlook for all we encounter.

Services List

  • Business Plans: Our team of MBAs, PhDs and business mentors bond together to ensure the success of our youth, as well as, the adults as they compete in the ever-evolving world of business and technology. We assist with business plans, marketing plans, pitch decks and all necessary tools for SBA, Angel Investors, VCs and IPOs.
  • Strategic Financing: We put our people in position to WIN. PERIOD. We have innovative programs that line our clients and neighborhood visionaries up with in-house funding, banks and new lending institutions to ensure that failure is not financial. At Leonna’s,Inc. we encourage you to dream big. We are your biggest supporter for SUCCESS.
  • Equipment Financing: No dream is possible without the proper equipment. Computers, Servers, Cameras, Media Devices, Wiring, Lighting, Supplies and more. Our experience in business was our motivation to create programs that would give chances and second chances to Sole Proprietors, LLCs, Corporations and Conglomerates.
  • Educational Programs: Teaming up with Top Level Executives, Teachers, Professors and experts, we developed and are continually developing new materials and ways to teach growth and scalability from the basic to the PhD level so our neighborhood entrepreneurs have a chance to compete globally.
  • Project Management: As growth happens, so does the ability to spiral out of control with tasks and TO DO lists. We at Leonna’s Inc. understand the frenzy and have teams on standby to assist, moderate, take over or catch the winning pass in the end zone. Success Is Our Only Option.
  • Global Enlightenment: Our travels abroad and our study of global economies and opportunities position us to share information and connect like-minded people in both developed and developing countries. We see the NEED and fill it. If you are interested and we have the answer, please contact us for the knowledge to prosper globally.
  • Mental Health Programs: To battle the emerging amount of cases of mental health, we are building programs and facilities nationwide to create stability, comfort and a real chance at reentering society from a healed or at least manageable perspective. We understand the dynamic differences that individuals are faced with and realize that we don’t all start on the same level. Our programs are diverse and innovative and are created to help those in need to assimilate in communities nationally.
  • Credit Consultation: Without credit, Life is very difficult. All you hear is No’s and, maybe next times while your dreams remain on the shelf. Without credit, transportation is limited to what you can afford in cash, banks tell you NO, credit card companies toss your app into cyber-space and await your return with a better score. For this reason, we offer credit consultation through a multitude of tried and tested affiliates to ensure proper life positioning and creditworthiness for not only our programs but for the multitude of criteria provided by all types of financial institutions.
  • Transportation: We provide transportation of all kinds. Internally we transport the less fortunate, elderly, sick, disabled and children. Externally, we provide brokerage services for qualified applicants to acquire the vehicles they need to operate their business, personal lives, ride-share and other vehicle related tasks necessary for Smooth life function. “Without transportation, motion is limited.”
  • Innovative Marketing: The key to the success of all businesses is to get your message to your target demographic. Technology and hand-held devices have made this every changing dynamic something to pay close attention to. New tools are created daily, especially with new startups and technology giants competing for the end user at light speeds. To keep up is our job, and to teach it is our pleasure.
  • Creative Environment Construction: We believe that the way a place looks invigorates different thoughts, emotions and productivity levels. We study colors, Feng Shui, Flow, Lighting, Color palettes and positioning to ensure the message is clear.
  • Building Materials: Without materials and access to green building technology, our neighborhoods will remain behind and miss out on the advantages provided by government agencies at the City, State and Federal Levels. We provide vendor opportunities for various materials and offer fair financing options for qualified companies. Our only requirement outside of qualifying is that you are willing to learn and understand innovation in growth and development.
  • Neighborhood Development: We see less fortunate neighborhoods as opportunity for change. We assess each opportunity with optimism and a plan the the community can stand behind. We care by example and build to suite from the look, food, attitude and customer interaction patron by patron.
  • Community Centers: We place and partner with community centers nationwide to create a network of like-minded individuals that can benefit from each other’s sociological perspective.
  • Restaurants: Our partners have been in the restaurant business for over 30 years and collectively mentor new and established owners to maximize profits and customer service.
  • Technology Education & Implementation: Out alliances with programmers, FB staff, Computer vendors, IT Professionals and innovators give us the power to uplift through implementation. We Teach, We Implement. We Make It Happen. #No Excuses. If you want to evolve in the technology space, we are motivated to make that happen. STEM, Coding, Gaming, Hardware and more is at your fingertips with Leonna’s Inc.
  • Intervention: Through our community access points, we keep a close eye on the pulse of the community and the individuals that create the mood and mode of its daily developments. Our community outreach allows us to have a say or take a stand or create programs that assist in the intervention of all activities often times before they get too out of control.
  • Home Displacement: We are constantly developing programs that create comfort and simplicity for those we could not save with affordable housing or our equal opportunity progress options. We buy properties in The Next Place, as we call it, to make everything from the move, new furniture, transportation and often offer comfort stipends to alleviate the unknown stress that comes from moving to a new neighborhood.
  • Equal Opportunity: Joining in the fight of equality amongst all races, colors and creeds, we don’t discriminate. We want all to make it and be successful no matter your lineage or where you come from,. Our jobs, funding, housing, classes, opportunities and more are tailored to ALL. We believe, as a UNIT of successful individuals, unlimited growth is imminent.
  • Affordable Housing: As neighborhoods change and outsiders seek havens in less expensive, well positioned communities, our goal is to purchase as many properties as possible to maintain the authenticity of the demographic geography. We understand that property values rise over time and the inhabitants need to grow financially with the times, but we don’t believe that families should be displaced due to high rents and sky-rocketing property values.
  • Bio-Dynamic Farms: To understand what we ingest from soil to table and from growth to digestion is bar none our innermost passion. Without a healthy body and mind, none of the other services we provide have merit. When you are not well, it is impossible to concentrate on business or growth or anything for that matter. We are building and partnering with Bio-Dynamic Farms nationwide and eventually globally to create peace amongst eats. We are adamant about changing dietary practices, creating healthy fast food and changing our communities from the inside out.